Knight Spirit Images' Photography Code of Conduct

1. Never put a model's safety at risk (Includes but not limited to:

          a. Physical safety on a photoshoot

          b. Hate speech (including cyber bullying)

          c. Never solicit sexual favors from a model

2. If a planned photoshoot involves nudity, let the model(s) know before the shoot.
          a. Never insist that a model disrobe beyond her/his comfort level.

          b. Never insist that a model pose in a position that is degrading to them.

3. Never use photos against a model with the intent of causing embarrassment, slander, or harassment.

4. Shared ownership of edited photos. All models can use photos for any purpose, at any time.

5. Models can, at any time, for any reason, request that a photo be taken down.

6. Chaperones are always welcome on a photoshoot (husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, etc).

7. Be honorable, and respectful, at all times.

8. Last but not least, have fun.